Odoo Enterprise

Odoo Enterprise is a product maintenance service provided by Odoo S.A.

It includes: unlimited bug fixes for Odoo certified modules; migration support when switching to the newer version of Odoo; the choice not to disclose the source code of the customized modules, etc.


Odoo is a 100% open-source business application suite. While there is no license fee for using the software, any problems with it are the user’s responsibility. It is not easy for most regular users to fix software problems, since it requires a certain level of technical expertise to troubleshoot and fix bugs.

  Service Concept

To bring ease to users, Odoo S.A., as the guarantor of the software, provides maintenance services including bug-fixing on Odoo certified modules at an affordable price.

  Service Details

 Operation Support/Maintenance

You can send support/bug-fix requests to OpenERP S.A. through your Odoo installation. Bug-fix support on Odoo certified modules is unlimited in terms of both the number of support requests and the hours required for the support. You can also leave the communication with the OpenERP S.A. support team to OSCG so you can consolidate all the support communication to one channel.

 Security Alerts

You will receive an security alert if any security vulnerability has been identified with the Odoo system. Security patches will be released first to Odoo Enterprise subscribers, before the rest of the community is notified.

 Migration Support for Major Software Version Upgrade

Upgrading your Odoo installation to a newer version requires special skills. Odoo S.A. can take care of the database migration work as part of its maintenance services, which is rarely undertaken by other ERP vendors. No extra charge is required if you only use Odoo certified modules. Additional charges apply for community or newly developed add-on modules.

 AGPL + Private Use

Odoo is published under an AGPL v3 license. In principle, it is required that you publish whatever functions you have developed/customized. Odoo Enterprise provides you with the choice to opt out of this obligation in case you do not wish to publish your work.

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