4 Ramadan Challenges are now resolved for employees

Simplit Team

We understand how employee’s workday is tedious in Ramadan, especially when there is the same work load as a usual month but without the regular coffee or side snack. No body shall work after Iftar to catch up with the pending tasks and miss the Ramadan Spirit. Save time and effort on what matters the most! It’s the holy month! 

The following problems are now solved with Simplit for whatever business sector e.g. healthcare, real estate, education, eCommerce or trading and for whatever department whether it is human resources, accounting, or customer service.

1- Thirst and dehydration.

With a weather above 30 degree Celsius in Kuwait and most of the Arab world, Muslims suffer from dehydration quickly. Moreover, exertion of psychical effort play an important role in decreasing hydration and increasing thirst rapidly. Organization of your workflow and automating parts of the solutions so that your effort is minimized, can be a great valuable way to increase productivity in your company whilst keeping your business KPIs on top. For example, recruitment as one of the most tedious work tasks for a human resources officer, can be simplified and organized through a simplified solution that keeps track of the whole process and put you in focus.

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Photo source: Odoo Human Resources App

2- Work stress.

 There are many causes for work stress, common causes include: 

  • Being too busy because of staff cutbacks 

  • Being too busy because same work load are given for shorter work times in Ramadan 

  • Pressure to work at optimum levels—all the time! 

  • Lack of organization and control over business operations 

And more…

 Incorporating technology in business operations can solve many of the work stress sources.For example, in a real estate industry, it is hard to control your flow and Increase your sales.

 A full solution with Simplit include:

  • CRM software 

  • Property Lease Management solution 

  • Facilities & Maintenance management 

  • Accounting solution 

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3- Crashing deadlines and concentration problems.

 This is a problem especially common for projects. There are many components to keep track with and without them being connected exceeding deadlines is probable. There is much concentration needed to catch deadlines and keep the processes aligned. 

An industry suffering from this problem is trading. However, when contract management, budgeting, and collaboration are connected falling in such errors is minimized. 

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Photo source: Odoo Human Resources App

4- Reserving time for Ramadan gatherings and prayers. 

When business operations are not processing smoothly, employees as well as managers get stuck in work in a way that hinders living their Ramadan spirit. The following features of Simplit solutions allows enormous time saving in a way that permits a work-life balance in general and enjoying a spiritual Ramadan. 

  • Connected components 

  • Organization of processes

  •  Auto-fill and validation of fields

  •  Support on any device

  •  Powerful security and control on processes

 Have a different business? No problem we always can customize our business application to suit all your business needs , fill your needs and we will provide a trial demo for FREE! 

Do you have other tricks to optimize business performance in Ramadan?

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