Why is Odoo a better choice?

New enterprises in Kuwait are implementing Odoo today!

Simplit Team

Given the hassle of enterprise management, software solutions can bring you inner peace that is based on actual business achievements. 

Odoo is a platform that companies can use to easily handle daily operations such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, warehouse management, human resources, accounting, finance and many other enterprise daily activities. 

Odoo has a super easy user-friendly interface; includes flexible extension feature so you can add or drop modules as you need; and is suitable for a variety of applications in different industries. This makes Odoo the choice number one for all enterprises. Small and Medium enterprises in specific prefer Odoo.

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Odoo is Modular,

Tailoring your business needs is not an issue with Odoo. Including features is like a drag and drop movement with this flexible software framework.

Odoo is Comprehensive,

When you make a choice for your business sometimes later on you need to add something else but oops … the new feature needs a new software! Odoo is different. Implementing Odoo is a comprehensive choice because you will access thousands of modules that can be used to enhance your business’ productivity and work volume.

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Odoo is Simple,

When we say Odoo is beautiful and easy-to-use, we don’t exaggerate! It is specially designed to be clear, simple, user-friendly, intuitive and straight to the point. Employees and personnel find it easy and simple to use it.

We are Odoo Experts!
Simpl!t is the only Odoo Gold Partner in Kuwait.

Odoo is Flexible,

As a CEO, you worry about how employees will respond to the new system and how the new system responds to their needs. The Odoo platform is a very flexible one. Reports can be customized, Data entry is easy with prediction techniques and default values, last but not least the functionality and the interface will help your personnel get into work with Odoo quickly.

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Odoo image and text block

Odoo is Reliable,

The code is extremely tested and tried by experts, which makes Odoo the most robust and reliable choice for your enterprise.

Odoo is Secure,

The software relies on an open source code, thus it is more secure than its competitors because it is much more thoroughly reviewed by the big Odoo community.

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Odoo is Always at the Cutting-edge,

The Odoo community contribute to the quicker development and troubleshooting of the software. Odoo is always upgraded with new features added and also you have the freedom to upgrade the components that suits your business.

Odoo in the Middle East

Most Middle East countries such as Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Syria, and the UAE faced many challenges in their implementation of the ERP software. Challenges included: cultural differences, lack of experience with ERP, user resistance, and more. 

However, with Simpl!t, Odoo Gold Partner, there are many success stories from our clients, especially in Kuwait. We ensure that your choice for the package is the right one for you and we move on in the process with you step by step until we make sure that employees are well trained on the new system. That’s why a lot of enterprises whether small, medium or large are using Odoo in Kuwait effectively.

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Odoo for Every Mission

Human ResourceseCommerce, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Customer Relationship Management, Accounting, Inventory, Customer Service, ...etc.
YES Odoo can handle all of this and more. Simply that’s why Odoo is Comprehensive.

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