Top Employee Productivity Hacks

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Simplit Team

Every day there is work. Tasks never end. Your employees definitely sometimes lose interest in work which in turn affect the productivity seriously. Here are some tips and hacks that can help you get them back to work or proceed in any given day.

  1. Music ON: Research found that some music can boost productivity, especially while working on repetitive tasks. Think of playing some music to your personnel.

  2. Stay Fit: Studies show that employees who do some sort of exercise, perform better at work. As CEO, you have to think about how to encourage employees to exercise and stretch their muscles a little bit or at least do some morning walks.

  3. Shorter Meetings: Long meetings are tedious and affect employee productivity. If there is a lot to discuss give breaks or cut the meeting into parts discussed on successive days.

  4. Be open for Remote Work: Changing the work environment can help unleash some productivity and creativity too. Try it more often with your employees.

  5. Let some natural daylight in: “A lack of natural light lowers certain chemicals in the human body” studies show. Natural light decreases stress, and increase focus.

  6. Take breaks: Breaks are healthy -sometimes not very healthy in relationships, though-. Breaks help brain cells to connect and find solutions. Never miss using breaks as a magic tool.

  7. Productivity Tools: Those tools facilitate team communication and task delivery like our chat application here, as well as our notes application to save ideas, to-do lists and inspirations here. Try using them now.

All these hacks can suit whatever department including, but not limited to: finance, accounting, human resources, sales, and marketing.

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